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[Fic] “Trollstuck: Make Her Pay,” part 43 — Homestuck

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At long last, I have defeated the evil illustrations! I mean, they’re pretty cruddy illustrations, but we all knew they were going to be cruddy, so what the heck. I would like to get this episode wrapped up by the end of October, after which I will throw the floor open to suggestions for the next episode.

(Yes, I know I said this section was going to be Aradia’s POV. I lied. *angelic smile*)

Trollstuck: Make Her Pay, part 43

====>Be Jothan

"I know you just fine!" you protest. "You’re a better person than this. We just need to get everyone together and talk until we can make sense of this and we’re all friends again. Come on, Vriska, forget about Aradia for tonight and we’ll go watch movies until you’re feeling more like yourself."

You take another step forward.

"Shut up, shut up, shut up!" Vriska says, fingers still pressed to her head the way she does when—

worthless, loser, trash, scum

—when she—

nobody will ever care, you’ll die screaming on a drone’s fist, why not save them the trouble and do it now

—when she messes around with—

killer, traitor, hate you, hate you, hate you, platonic and forever

—other people’s minds.

You pause. The strange, rising chorus of voices that you suddenly notice at the edge of your hearing, itching and burning and burrowing into your ears, seems to pause with you, take one insubstantial breath.

Vriska tried to kill Aradia. Vriska is really, really upset right now. When Vriska’s upset, she has a habit of doing stupid things she regrets. Vriska is in your head.

The voices gather insubstantial breath, like the drawing tension before the sky cracks open and the storm pours down.

This, you think, is probably going to hurt.

why don’t you! just!! DIE!!!

====>Be Equius

You cannot believe the lowbloods were right. Vriska was attempting to cull Aradia.

No. Vriska did cull Aradia. Aradia died tonight. That she also lived — thanks to the ludicrous and dangerous fact that Davven Kronos can apparently travel through time as well as through space — is irrelevant. And while Vriska is, naturally, within her rights to cull a rustblood, you find that in this one case, despite the inherent superiority of— despite the self-evident necessity of the— despite what you have founded your understanding— despite certain things, you find that you cannot…

Your stomach churns.

Fortunately you find Vriska’s nutrition block and reach the sink before you suffer an unsightly accident.

After you wash, and dry yourself thoroughly with a handful of towels you find in a dusty and misaligned cabinet, you attempt to retrace your steps. Vriska’s hive is as chaotic as her actions, but you have an excellent spatial memory and quickly find your way back to her respiteblock. The broken door swings drunkenly from its one remaining hinge, shielding the room within and casting jagged shadows into the already dim corridor.

There is a worrying lack of voices from within.

====>Open the door

Jothan and Vriska

You freeze. Surely you are misunderstanding things. Jothan is Vriska’s oldest friend. Her only friend, now that her association with Terezi has come to an ignominious end. Whatever Vriska’s actions toward— regardless of her other actions this night, she cannot possibly mean to harm—

Jothan hearing voices

The door crumples between your fingers.


There we go! A nice stopping point for you all while I return to fighting with Aradia. :-D

*dusts hands, puts away art supplies*

Pepper beauty pageant time! We’ve had really warm weather in Ithaca this past week or two, but as of this weekend the forecast drops to the 50s and low 60s during the days, and down into the 40s at night, so I think I will bring Mom’s pepper indoors. (It’s only just flowered; it’s the most delicate.) I will probably bring the others indoors as well within another week or two, to give them extra growing/ripening time. My kitchen doesn’t get the best light in the world, but at least it’s warm.

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[Fic] “As through a Glass, with Joy” — Chronicles of Narnia

Summary: When the Dawn Treader turned and began rowing west, Caspian thought he would never recover from the piercing sweetness of the uttermost East. (325 words)

Note: This ficlet was inspired by the 9/14/14 word #203 on 15_minute_ficlets.

As through a Glass, with Joy

When the Dawn Treader turned and began rowing west, Caspian thought he would never recover from the piercing sweetness of the uttermost East. He would go home to Narnia and rule as wisely and well as he could: would defend her borders, judge her quarrels, bind her many fractious peoples together into a new and stronger whole. But he would never again be whole himself, for he had seen the stars that shone beyond the walls of the world in Aslan’s Country, seen the shining wave tumbling for ever into the unknown. And who could return to normal life from that?

But as they rowed west, back through the carpet of lilies to the open sea, the light and the memory of light began to fade. Soon the water grew salt once more, and his limbs remembered tiredness, and he could no longer stare into the heart of the sun. In his mind and heart, the green hills and winding rivers of Narnia took shape once more, unhidden by the glare of eternity.

Caspian had thought returning to life would be a struggle, would be a weary war he would fight for all his remaining days. But to his surprise, life was sweet.

"It is ever so, with those who draw close to the other world," said the Lady Tarazeth when the ship returned to her father’s island. "We are made of flesh and bone as well as spirit, and the call of this world to the body is strong. And it is meet and fitting that it should be so, for life is a joyous gift, one which would be great folly to cast aside as dust and ashes."

"As you say, my lady," Caspian said as they walked together along the heathery shore. "Now that the enchantments are broken, I would dare to ask if you might share that gift with me, in the country I call home."

The Lady Tarazeth placed her hand in his, and smiled.


That was not remotely what I expected to write for that word, nor was it an area of canon I ever thought I’d deal with, but hey, I’ll take it. *wry* I picked this name for Ramandu’s daughter years ago, when I had a notion to write a story in which the Lady of the Green Kirtle conspired with Queen Prunaprismia to conquer Narnia while Caspian was away on his voyage, but I never had any reason to use it until now.

Three pictures Mom sent me from Star Island this weekend. She and Dad will probably leave around the 6th of October and pick up their spare car from my place en route home to New Jersey.

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wherein Liz reads the NFE archive and thinks about gift exchange commentary etiquette

I have been reading through this year’s Narnia Fic Exchange stories with great enjoyment. I am not done yet, even though there are only twenty-five of them. This is because I try to take more time with gift exchange fics, and leave thoughtful comments.

I think I do that partly as a sort of interest payment on my normal utter failure at leaving feedback (“kudos” and “like” options are a godsend, seriously), and partly because I know that I spend the anonymous portion of such fests twitchy and nervous, wondering if people will like my work without my name attached to it. I mean, not that I have all that much name recognition to start with, but I have a little simply by virtue of kicking around various fandoms for twelve years now. There is value in being a known quantity. And I figure that if I feel nervous, at least some other writers probably do too, so I want to say, “Yes, people are reading your work and responding positively!”

This can, of course, get tricky with some stories, depending on the subject matter and the writer’s skill level, but there is always something you can pick out and say, “I liked this metaphor,” or “I liked how happy everyone seemed,” or “You got the melancholy mood across very clearly,” or “I had never thought of X that way, but you have convinced me it’s an interpretation worth examining,” etcetera ad infinitum. And you just shut up and don’t mention the parts that are Not Your Ship, Not Your Kink, Not Your Writing Style, or whatever, unless you know the writer is okay with concrit in a public arena… which, given that the stories are usually anonymous at the time, you have no way to be sure of. So be polite. :-)

(I guess this maybe sounds like I advocate fraudulent praise as payment for participation? That’s not what I mean, though. My praise can be extremely selective in focus — I would never deny that — but if I say I liked an element of a story, I honestly mean that I liked that element.)

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I should probably go to sleep…


I should probably-


I should-


Fuck it.


just accept your fate…


Ah God, so true.

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[Rec] “Diplomacy with Giants” — Chronicles of Narnia

Hey everybody! The Narnia Fic Exchange 2014 is now officially open! Stories will remain anonymous for a week so I cannot (yet) tell you what I wrote, but in the meantime let me direct your attention to the lovely gift I received. :-)

Diplomacy with Giants: When the Narnian rulers hear about giants killing their subjects Susan and Lucy must go investigate.

One of my requests was for Susan and Lucy to have an adventure together, and this fills that admirably! People who have different attitudes toward the world working together to watch each other’s backs! Tense political standoffs! The aftermath of Jadis’s century of oppression! An explanation for a much later bit of canon! Sisterly love! Really, what more do you want?


In other news, the NFE Madness 2014 collection is still open. Peruse all the prompts, choose one you like, and write something! There is no minimum wordcount, and you have until next weekend to post your fic.


And now I am off to read the rest of the stories in the main collection. :-D